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  • Each of the articles considered for publication in the Polish Libraries is peer-reviewed by two scholars who are not employed by the publisher (National Library of Poland).
  • Most of the articles get at least one review from a specialist affiliated with a foreign research institution.
  • The review process is double blind, that is the author(s) and reviewer(s) do not know their identities throughout the process.
  • Each review is submitted in written form and states explicitly whether the article may or may not be published in the periodical, and lists necessary amendments to the text.
  • The Polish Libraries journal uses procedures that aim at preventing ghostwriting and guest authorship.


Dr. Hab. Konrad Ajewski
Mr. Roger Allen
Dr. Hab. Mariola Antczak
Prof. Bartosz Awianowicz
Prof. Wiesław Babik
Dr. Hab. Rafał Ciesielski
Dr. Hab. Małgorzata Derkacz
Prof. Dorota Folga-Januszewska
Dr. Joanna Frońska
Prof. Krin Gabbard
Ms. Anna Grochala
Prof. Jacek Gzella
Dr. Henryk Hollender
Ms. Danuta Jackiewicz
Dr. Żaneta Kubic
Prof. Zdzisław Pietrzyk
Prof. Henryk Jakub Pokora
Ms. Adriana Prodeus
Prof. Magdalena Rembowska-Płuciennik
Dr. Hab. Jacek Soszyński
Prof. Janusz Tondel